We love scented candles- an ideal gift!

By Magical Story,

Nothing evokes a memory quite like a scent...A scent of a specially-chosen candle can change the atmosphere of a room in the strike of a match. It can soothe us into relaxation or uplift and refresh our surroundings. It’s a sensory experience that can surround you like no other, making it more than just a little magical in our eyes!

As we roll through Spring into Summer, we’re loving the charm of our ‘Candle In A Cup’ range. From a fresh ‘Gracious Gardenia’ to a fruitful ‘Banana Coconut’ or a yummy ‘Vanilla Cake’, there’s a sumptuous scent for everyone.

Our range of citronella candles are a garden-lover’s best friend. If you love making the most of your garden in the summer months, but hate the onslaught of bugs and bites- these are perfect for you. Citronella candles often have a strong, overpowering scent, but our range delicately balances the citrus scent with some floral favourites. These candles are made to be enjoyed on summer evenings- while keeping those bugs away!

Lavender Citronella Jar CandleLemongrass Citronella Jar CandleFig citronella jar candle

Whoever you buy for, and whatever the reason, remember a scented candle can lighten up more than just a room.

Find a perfect scented candle gift here.