Snow Globe

By Magical Story,

When you think of Christmas, there are plenty of lovely things that come to mind.

The cold, the food, the big man himself… It almost seems impossible to pick your favourite part. But for us... it’s ALL about the decoration. And of course, between all the pretty trinkets and glittering touches, there’s still nothing that can set the perfect festive tone quite like a delightfully traditional snow globe.

Did you know, the snow globe is somewhat an accidental ornament. Starting life in 19th century France as a paperweight design, before being adapted to happily stand alone as a Christmas symbol in its own right.

There’s also a slight chance that we know what causes the scene to flurry when you give it a shake. But we’re not going to tell you, because it’s much better that you simply believe in the magic…

A little snowfall has the ability to make everything look better, so when you add majestic woodland creatures into the mix, you have yourself a perfect little snippet of a winter wonderland.

Which is why we just love these graceful reindeer designs with their outdoorsy style and rustic bases. We even have a stunning snow globe scene that doubles up as a stocking hook, for those that like to go all out when it comes to decorative traditions.

If reindeer aren’t your thing, then try not to coo over our adorable dog design. Man’s best friend sure does look even sweeter on a bed of snow, and if jolly is your style then we have all the Christmas feels for you with our happy snowman snow globe.

There’s a scene to suit everyone and a sprinkling of snow to top them all off. Enjoy the magic of tradition and shop our full range for thoughtful gift ideas or a special addition to your own collection.

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